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At Chantiques we specialize in a distinctive line of hand-crafted furnishings constructed from plantation-grown teak, mahogany and a variety of other exotic woods local to the Indonesian island of Java. We avoid veneers, plywood and other composites in favor of solid-wood construction. If you take a close look at our products, you will notice that each piece has its own special charm.  Corners are often dove-tailed. Joinery is mortise and tenon. The bottoms of drawers and the backs of cabinets are constructed of solid-wood panel systems, much like the doors in older Portland homes.  Rather than striving for perfection, as with most factory-produced furniture, our products often exhibit the natural artifacts of living wood.  While not affecting the structural integrity of a piece, these artifacts indicate a craft where wood is a prized resource and every precious bit of hardwood is utilized.

Our goal is to provide furnishings that age with grace, provide years of enjoyment, and eventually become heirlooms to be passed down through the generations.